How to Charge Clients & Accept Online Payments

With the SiteSwan Client Billing feature, you can easily charge your clients an upfront setup fee and recurring service fee for their website making client billing easy and efficient. You can create multiple pricing plans and edit the amount you charge for each client. Our billing system seamlessly integrates with Stripe and even allows you to keep track of any customers that are past due and missed a payment directly from your dashboard. Here's how...


PLEASE NOTE: The Client Billing Feature is only available on select plans and requires a Stripe account.  


Step 1 - From your Dashboard, click on the Account tab on the top of the screen.




Step 2 - From the Account Settings Screen click the "Connect to Stripe" button.




Step 3 - If you haven't done so already, setup a free account. This company will handle the credit card payments from your customers and deposit the money into your bank account.

If you already have a Stripe account, click "Sign in" on the top right of this screen.



Step 4 - Once complete, you will now see a message that you have successfully connected to Stripe on the Account Settings screen.




Step 5 - You can now setup online payments by clicking on the Site Details link or Setup Billing button next to the site you want to start charging for.




Step 6 - Now you can choose an existing plan or create a new plan for this client. You are able to change the Setup Fee and Recurring Charge Start Date for each site. So if you want to charge the Setup Fee today and wait to charge the monthly fee until next month, you can. 

Enter the client's credit card information and click "Complete Order".

 Please note: a 2% transaction fee plus merchant processor fees applies.



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