Sales Pitch Ideas

Need help sharing the benefits of a website with a potential client? Check out some Sales Pitch Ideas:

  1. Show Examples - Impress potential clients by showing off some of the sites you built for other small businesses. Highlight the unique elements of each site and how you were able to satisfy each business' unique needs
  2. Create a Custom Demo - Offer to build one page demonstrating how you envision their new site. In minutes you can create a custom design for their business, add their basic information and post a few blocks of content. This is normally the most powerful way to illustrate the value of a new website and generally gains the most excitement for a small business. Sometimes the design alone will win them over. Offer to complete the demo when they agree to purchase.
  3. Educate with Stats - Some of the facts, figures and stats surrounding the internet and small businesses are startling. Some numbers are so powerful they will encourage a potential client to take action immediately not to miss out on the huge opportunity to grow their business with a website.
  4. Reveal the Content Editor - We made it so easy to add and edit content with SiteSwan that any small business owner can do it themselves. Demonstrate how easy it is to post new content to their site so they can be confident they can do it on their own.
  5. Add Value - Provide a value added service to offer along with their website. Maybe it's one of your existing products or services you will include with the price like a set of new business cards or flyers. Or offer to set up their Google Places page, Facebook page or Twitter account so all of their online marketing will by in sync. All of these require little or no money, time or investment on your part but will add value for your client
  6. Show them the Savings - Building them a website with SiteSwan will save them time, money and energy. Web design is not cheap. Especially a site with all the features a SiteSwan site offers. A mobile site alone can cost over $50 per month! On average, a small business website can cost upwards of $2,000 upfront plus monthly and maintenance fees exceeding $100 per hour! Not to mention it can take weeks or even months to complete. Ensure them that you can build a website that has all the features they need, at a price they can afford and have it complete in a week!
  7. Give them Offer they Can't Refuse - If you are just starting off, looking to build your portfolio quickly or are focused more on getting more clients on board faster and building your monthly revenue then consider offering a steep discount on your pricing. Try offering FREE setup and design for the first 10 clients. Since your per site fees are so low with our White Label Program your only real expense is the time you invest to create the site - which isn't much considering how fast and easy it is to create a site with SiteSwan. Doing this you can quickly build your client base and increase your recurring monthly revenues.


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