Establishing Pricing

The White Label Program enables you to set your own pricing. You can charge whatever you like. Most of our White Label Partners charge an Upfront Design & Website Setup Fee plus a recurring Monthly Service Fee to their clients. The Upfront Fee generally includes the initial site design, adding pages with content and connecting a custom domain for the website. The Monthly Service Fee includes hosting, updates to the platform, access to the CMS, mobile site, and any ongoing support you offer such as SEO and marketing assistance for the site. This fee should also include your direct support to your client as a personal touch.

  •  Most resellers charge an Upfront Setup Fee anywhere from $300 - $2,000
  •  Most resellers charge a Monthly Service Fee of $35 - $100
  • Our Recommended suggested "Sweet Spot" pricing is $500 upfront plus $49 per month

Helpful Tips!
- Your Upfront Fee should appropriately reflect the level of design work you are offering. Do not undervalue your upfront fee if you will be offering a high-level of design, creating many pages or adding a lot of content. At the same time, if you offering simple designs, price your upfront fee accordingly.
- Monthly Fees should also reflect the level of support you will be offering. Personal one-on-one support, unlimited updates and content creation comes at a premium price and allows you charge a higher monthly fee. Include monthly or quarterly marketing calls with your client to discuss the site and offer ideas for improvement and you can easily increase the value of your monthly service.

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