Website Sales Cycle

Here is our recommended Sales Cycle for our White Label Program Partners selling websites to small businesses:

  1. Generate Leads - Find potential website clients by using your own network of small businesses, sales and marketing and our recommended sources for qualified leads.
  2. Build Interest - Focus on benefits over features, affordability, the value and necessity of a website, how a website will benefit their individual small business and offer a Free Demo to show them how their site can look.
  3. Create a Demo Site - Create excitement by building a demo, serving as a live "preview" of their new site. Create a simple Home Page design that will showcase how their site will look. Be sure to add a few blocks of content and site details like the business phone number and contact info. Investing a small amount of time building a one page demo will pay off in the long run.
  4. Close the Sale - After presenting the demo design to client and getting approval, ask for the sale, collect payment and complete the client's site in the expected amount of time.


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