Transfer a Domain

Transferring a Domain Name

If you’re taking over a customer’s website from another web designer or web agency, they might insist on transferring that domain name to you, in an effort to separate themselves completely from the client. Domain name registration, as you probably know, costs about $10-20 per year, and the previous provider does not want to incur that cost anymore, so they want to transfer the domain out of their account. This is very common.

The easiest way is for you to have a domain account, like with GoDaddy for example, where you can store all of your domain names and your customer domain names. Keeping the customer out of the technical aspect of things keeps the transition process going smoother.

Usually, the first step is paying for a Domain Transfer. As is the case with GoDaddy, you must first pay for a domain transfer before it can be placed into your account. In order to complete the domain transfer, the previous provider will need to make sure the domain name is “unlocked” and they must provide you with the Authorization Code. Companies like GoDaddy may also insist on validating the transfer request by sending an email to the email address listed on file for the domain name, to click a link or enter a code to verify that they are authorizing the domain transfer. GoDaddy and other domain resellers usually have a helpful interface that walks you through the simple, 3 or 4-step process.

Once the domain name is in your account, you are completely in control of the domain name. Point the site live and tell your client the good news!

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