White Label Checklist

Make sure your on the right track building and selling websites with SiteSwan with our White Label Checklist.



Rebrand Our Platform

- Add your logo to the site editor


Develop a Pricing Model

- Establish pricing

- Sample pricing plan


Market Your Business

- Promote your web design services

- Download our white label marketing flyers

- Create your own marketing website using SiteSwan

- Create a Facebook page


Find Customers

- Choose the right industries

- Generate Leads

- Nail down your pitch

- Build demo designs


Sell Your First Site

- Understand the sales cycle

- Offer freebies!

- Connect a domain

- Manage customer relationships

Utilize Our Support

- Schedule a 1 on 1 webinar

- Email us anytime: info@siteswan.com

- Watch our videos

- Download white label credit card authorization form

- Professional design service available

- Explore our help desk


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