Global SEO Settings

Global Search Engine Optimization

These are your default site-wide meta tags for your site. These can be set using the "Settings" tab. For best results enter unique meta tags for the individual pages using the "Pages" tab.

1. Title - A title tag tells both users and search engines what the topic of a particular site/page is about.

Optimal Format

Primary Keyword - Secondary Keyword - Location | Company Name
Company Name | Primary Keyword and Secondary Keyword and Location

Children's Dance Classes - Dance School - Long Island | Mary's Dance Studio
Mary's Dance Studio | Children's Dance Classes and Dance School, Long Island

2. Description - The description meta tag gives Google and other search engines a summary of what the site/ page is about. Include 1 - 2 sentences that provides a general overview of the business or content found on that page.

Mary's Dance Studio in Huntington, NY is the premier Dance Studio on Long Island. Mary's Dance Studio offers children's dance classes at affordable rates.

3. Keywords / Key Phrases - Words or phrases that accurately describe the main products or services features on the site or page. For best results don’t use broad or general terms. Instead create specific key phrases that are “localized” for the particular business. Try to narrow terms to 5 - 10 phrases and create unique terms for each individual page to reflect the particular content on that page.

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