Can I Add a Custom Domain to the Preview URL?

***NOTE: This is an Advanced Feature that you need to Request to Turn on by Creating a Support Ticket***


Purpose of a Preview URL

The Preview URL is a publicly-accessible URL where the sites you design & build can be viewed by your client from any device connected to the internet. This is where your sites "live" before actual domain names are assigned to the sites.


Using the Default Subdomain

The Default Subdomain is required and allows you to be up and running right away. It features your company name (or any name you like) followed by



Using a Custom Domain

The Custom Domain will allow you to use Preview URLs based on your own domain and remove "siteswan" completely from the Preview URL. This is recommended for private labeling.


Here’s how, using a recent version of the GoDaddy interface as an example:

  1. Login to the registrar website from which you purchased the domain name you want to use, say “”. Note: if this domain is currently being hosted, you may need to log into the hosting account, which could be with a different provider.

  2. Click the "Launch" button next to your Domain Names

  3. Find the domain name that you want to use for this purpose, and click on it to edit the domain name settings.

  4. Click onto the "DNS Zone File" tab, which will allow you to edit your DNS settings, and click "Add Record".

  5. Add a new CNAME Record. The new CNAME record should have the asterisk, or * , as the "Host" value. It should also have as the "Points to" value. You can leave the TTL setting at its default value. Then click "Save"

  6. Be sure to finalize your changes by clicking "Save Changes"

  7. Login to and click “Account” > "Private Labeling" on the top of your dashboard.

  8. In the “Custom Subdomain” field, put in your domain (in this example: Click Save. You can now hide "siteswan" from the preview url for all sites you create.


If you have any questions about this process, please contact us, and we'll happily walk you through it.

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