Header Design

For most layouts you will have two choices for the website header.

OPTION 1: Design Your Own Header

If you would like to design your Header using our easy-to-use Design Panel you can upload your logo or image, stylize the business name and tagline and even control the color and opacity of the Header Background Color.

  • Logo - Upload your logo and adjust the size and alignment. Acceptable Logo file types; JPG, PNG, & GIF. (For best results be sure to remove any white space around your logo)
  • Business Name / Tagline - Edit the Business Name and Tagline, choose your font style, color, and alignment.
  • Header Background Color - Control the color and opacity of the header background.

OPTION 2: Upload a Custom Full Header Image

If you are more comfortable with design and would like to create a custom header using a design program such as Photoshop you can upload a custom Header image to create a completely unique look for your website.

  • Upload your pre-designed custom header. Be sure that you create a jpg, gif, or png file that is 1050 pixels wide @ 72 resolution.


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