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The Reference Panel of a SiteSwan site is the right sidebar or footer of the site (depending on the Layout selected). The Reference Panel is reserved for the most important information about a business that customers are looking for, and makes it easier for them to find. This Reference Panel is visible on every page, and anything added to the Reference Panel will show up exactly the same on every page of your site. This includes important contact details such as phone number, address with map, hours of operation and payments accepted.



Log in to your site and click “Edit” when your mouse is hovered over the Reference Panel.


A pop-up panel will allow you to edit all Reference Panel information including business contact details, social connections, featured photos and keywords.


Remember: Click “Save Changes” after desired changes are made. Or click “Cancel/Close” to disregard changes made.

Helpful Tips!

- Reference Panel information is visible from every page so be sure that all information is complete, accurate and up-to-date. This is considered the critical information that visitors are looking for most and expect to find quickly and easily.
- Be sure to create an "About" section that clearly describes your business to site visitors and potential customers. This should should be about 3 - 5 sentences that best describe your business, the areas you serve, and your most popular products or services.
- The Contact Form allows current and potential customers to send you a message and serves as a good lead generator.
- Link your website to your social network profiles using the "Connect" section. Be sure to update any of your social connections or directory listings such as Facebook, Yelp and Google Places to include the URL of your new site. Doing so will greatly increase search results and traffic to your website.
- Be sure to complete the Keywords field with appropriate keyword or phrases that accurately reflect your business to boost search results.


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