Who's it For?

The SiteSwan White Label Program is available to anyone who wants to easily build and sell websites for small businesses. Whether you are adding web design to your current services or starting a new business selling websites to the thousands of small businesses in your area, SiteSwan let’s you do it easily and at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional web design. Some of our White Label clients include:

  • Publishers / Printers - Build and sell websites to your small business clients. Utilize your current graphic designers to easily create websites in minutes. Add value to your current services and create a new revenue stream in web design.
  • Web Designers - Don’t spend hours or days building sites and coding. Create simply stunning websites for small businesses in minutes with our easy-to-use platform. Focus more time on selling and design and less time on programming. Stop turning away business and turn even the smallest clients into profitable accounts. 
  • Graphic Designers / Free Lancers - Have an knack for design but lack the time or resources to program a website? SiteSwan is the perfect solution for anyone with graphic design experience to create beautiful websites for small businesses in minutes. Upload your custom designs or use or easy design panel.
  • SEO Firms / Marketers - Have clients asking for websites? Stop outsourcing this work to web designers and start building a profitable revenue stream of your own. Create simple sites in minutes that are affordable and effective. With SiteSwan, you don’t need to be a web designer to build a beautiful website.
  • Agencies - Satisfy clients even on the smallest budget with a platform that will have you pumping out stunning sites in minutes. Our White Label Program provides your Agency with a cost-effective solution to create thousands of simple sites for your clients and adds a profitable revenue stream for your company.
  • Entrepreneurs - Looking to start a new business? SiteSwan allows anyone to start building and selling websites to small businesses in their own market. Over 50% of small businesses need a website. SiteSwan allows you to build them one with no web design experience necessary.
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