Make your website unique by choosing your own Background Image or Color.



  •  Background Image - Choose one of ours or upload your own. Upload any image, pattern, texture or gradient to create a custom background. You can choose the image’s placement as well as several effects such as tile or fill the screen. Note: If you would like the image to fill the screen, larger images approximately 1500 pixels wide x 1000 pixels tall at 72 resolution are best. Be mindful not to use too large of an image or it will slow down site load times. Resize the image if necessary.
  • Background Color - If do not wish to use a background image you can use the Colors tool to pick a  background color.


Helpful Tips!

- For best results be sure to use high quality images for the background.
- Choose a background image that is subtle yet appropriately reflects your business. Ideas include using an interior or exterior image of your business, a photo of a core product or service or an industry specific wallpaper.
- Sometimes blurring, fading or applying a color overlay to the background image a bit will give you a nice effect.
- Avoid using noisy or busy images that will distract users from your content.

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