How do I Accept Online Payments for Web Design Services?

If you're just getting started with web design, you're probably very curious about accepting payments online for web design services. You have your marketing site setup, but how do you collect payment from your customers when they're ready to sign up?

You built a site for your customer, they love it, and they're ready to pay you the upfront fee, and/or setup the recurring monthly payments. What's next?

Option #1:
Your client might want to pay you in cash. If you're local, then you may want to setup an appointment to meet in person and pick up the cash payment. This involves no technology! Maybe they even want to pre-pay you for the year's service instead of doing the monthly withdrawal. That's probably easiest for both of you and then you can check in with the client next year!

The next few options require a payment processor account like PayPal or Stripe (there are others, but most of our resellers choose one of these 2 providers). A payment processor account affords you the ability to accept credit card / debit card payments.

Option #2:
Have the customer fill out a Credit Card Authorization Form. In the Resources section of your Dashboard, you'll see a document titled "White Label Credit Card Authorization Form for New Clients." Download this document and customize it with your brand name / logo / contact information. Save it as a PDF document and keep some printed copies with you at all times. If you visit your customer, have them fill out this document in front of you. Or, you can email this document to your customer, and they can fill it out and either fax it back to you or scan and email it back to you. Then, you log in to your payment processor account and enter the customer's billing information and charge the card for the agreed-to amounts.

Please note: At the time of this writing, for recurring monthly credit card payments, Stripe offers this at no charge (they call it "Subscription" payments), while PayPal requires that you get onto a paid monthly plan with them to afford you this option.


Option #3:
Setup a link that your customer can access to pay online. Somewhere on your marketing site, you would create a text link or an image link or a button link to allow users to pay for their website themselves online. Most of our resellers like to do it from the "Price Table" feature on their site. Here's how to set it up using PayPal:

  1. Log into your PayPal account (it must be a Business Account - if it's not, then look for the option to convert to a Business Account), go to "Tools" > "All Tools". 
  2. Click the option for "PayPal Buttons" and click "Open".
  3. Click "Create new button"
  4. Choose the button type: "Buy Now" and give it a name, something like "Website Setup" and put in the price. You should not need to enter any other options. Just scroll down and click "Create Button".
  5. From this screen you'll be presented with code for the button on the "Website" tab. Instead, though, click the "Email" tab. This is the link you want to copy.
  6. From your marketing website, put in a text link or an image link or a button link to this URL. In this example, we are adding a line of text to the Price Table that says "Pay Now" and linking it to the payment URL provided by PayPal.
  7. Post the changes and now your customers can pay for your services online.
  8. You can proceed to do the same thing for the monthly recurring payments.


Your other option is to use Stripe, but this also requires a Wufoo form (or similar type service) as well. The logic is that you collect the user's information via a Wufoo form, and then hook up the form to a Stripe account which will process the payment(s). Here's how to set it up using Stripe:


  1. Log into your Wufoo account and create a form that asks for any pertinent information you might need from your customer, like their name, the Business Name, and perhaps contact details. 
  2. Setup a "Payment Integration" for this form. Follow the instructions on the screen to link your Stripe account and fill in all the options you wish to include, along with the price, and save your settings.
  3. Add the form to your site using our Wufoo integration. For more details on how that works, click here. You may choose to put this form on a new page of your site, perhaps named "Pay Now". You may choose to link to this new page from the Price Table of your marketing site. To do this, simply put in a text link or an image link or a button link to this new page. In this example, we are adding a line of text to the Price Table that says "Pay Now" and linking it to the new "Pay Now" page we created.
  4. Post the changes and now your customers can pay for your services online.

TIP: Somewhere on the Wufoo form that you build, create a checkbox field that you require your customer to complete. Put some wordage in there that lets the customer know that by filling out this form, they are also authorizing the monthly fee to be paid as well, and that by checking the box, they consent to this. One of the benefits of using Stripe for payment processing, is that it stores all of your customer information in an encrypted format. So once the site launches, you can go into your Stripe account, and setup a recurring monthly transaction for them, without having to require the customer to take any action.



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