E-commerce: Integration with Shoprocket

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to sell items online, try our integration with Shoprocket. Sign up for free at http://shoprocket.co and find your Company ID number. Use it on the "Sell" post type of your site.


If you want to feature only certain products in your post, then use the Categories feature. Let's say the website is selling clothing, but you only want to feature the hats in this post. Follow these simple steps:


1. Log into your Shoprocket account and "tag" all of the Products that are hats with the Category term "hats" by clicking "Edit" for each product and finding the field labeled "Categories / Keywords / Meta tags". Click Update for each Product when complete.



2. From the "Sell" post for Shoprocket, enter the Category name. Example: "hats". You may choose to feature multiple categories in this post, for example, Hats, Shirts, and Pants. In this case, you would enter: "hats,shirts,pants" - each category name is separated by a comma.


3. Click "Post" and you're ready to start selling!

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